Friday, October 14, 2011

mig33 login

mig33 login mig33 for PC
To login to mig33, please go to

2. If you have forgot your password, visit

mig 33
Mig33 is a mobile download application that brings a host of social networking, Instant messaging and amazing VOIP features to your mobile. You can use Mig33 on any mobile that can run Java with connection to internet (GPRS or 3G). mig33 is a global community where millions of users make new friends, chat and simply have a good time.
After installation, you’ll be able to perform basic social networking activities.

Mig33 General Information
Website    –
Type -    Mobile/Wireless
Email -
Founded – December 2005
It is accessible on mobile Java J2ME, via the web, WAP, and also Android version 2.1+. Mig 33 was originally launched in Silicon Valley and later moved to Singapore.
Mig33 is popular not only on smartphones, but also on old mobile phones. Steven Goh became the new CEO in Jan 2011. There are over 40 million registered users and more than half of them are from Indonesia.

mig33 Register – To register an account with mig33, please visit

mig33 Download
1. current version (v4.5).
2. Android users – Android Beta version (v1.0).
Or, you can download any of the following versions:
Our previous version (v4.20)
Our lite version for older but capable phones (MIDP 1.0)
Previous Versions:-
(including Android, JAVA, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile), 
Please try this link instead if any of the above download fails.
Update – 19/03/2010 – mig33 now has has nearly 100,000 “fans” .
mig33 is a mobile download application that delivers a mix of all the latest gaming and social networking functionality.

Few mig33 for Mobile Issues
- After installing Mig33 in Micromax Q7, Few users have issues while sending photo by using camera. Their phone switches off.
- Mig33 is still not available in Samsung i600 of.
- No full support for qwerty key pad.

The mig Story
As we all know that Mig33 is one of the most popular mobile community in the world today. It is only 6 years old. It has over 40 million users from over 150 countries. Mig33 started in a library coffee shop as a alternative to avoid high costs invoked by sending SMS. Yahoo IM, GTalk, live messenger and AOL.